Journal of Economics and Statistical Research


EON Journals of Economics and Statistical Research (EJESR) is a scholarly open access double blind peer reviewed journal that publishes the utmost quality research papers and conveys a way of Journal exploration to the widest potential spectators. Its primary purpose is to distribute the knowledge of the most recent researches and breakthroughs among knowledgeable who have severe quest of learning and gather knowledge. Being an international journal, the audience of EJESR includes academics, researchers, policy-makers, regulators, and practitioners. The journal accepts articles that can be theoretical, applied, empirical, case-based or policy-oriented in the following areas of business and management. There is no clear-cut borders. Topics of interest include, but are not confined rigidly to the following list:


·         Behavioral economics

·         Business economics

·         Economic history

·         Economic development

·         Financial economics

·         Health and education economics

·         Industrial organization

·         International trade and finance

·         Labor economics

·         Law and economics

·         Macroeconomics and monetary economics

·         Mathematical and quantitative methods

·         Actuarial science 

·            Econometrics

·            Experimental economics

·            Public economics

·            Astrostatistics

·            Biostatistics

·            Business analytics

·            Econometrics

·            Environmental statistics

·            Forensic statistics

·            Population ecology

·            Psychometrics

·            Statistical finance

·            Statistical thermodynamics


Publishing exceptional Papers based on exceptional contents is the foremost effort of EON.  We are committed to certifying that our journals are dispersed worldwide, so that scholars are able to access our content wherever and whenever they need it. We have started working closely with the international library community to make our journals collections a genuine option for all the institutions.

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