International Journal of Arts, Humanities &Social Sciences

ISSN 2994-6417 (Print) , ISSN 2994-6425 (Online)

Ø          How to submit an Article at EJAHSS?

One can submit the abstract and completed manuscript at


Ø          What genres do EJAHSS publish?

EJAHSS works with several genres like Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Business Management and Education in a vast way where all the journals follow open-access double blind peer-reviewed process. It publishes original papers, review papers, case studies, conference reports, academic exchanges, conceptual framework, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews.


Ø          Is it a multilingual journal?

Yes, EJAHSS is a multilingual journal which has no language barrier.


Ø          How long the review process takes?

The review process takes 4 days to maximum 2 weeks.


Ø          What is the publication Frequency?

EJAHSS publishes paper on monthly basis.


Ø          Generally when the articles are published?

The papers are published generally between 10th to 13th of each month.


Ø          Is any review report provided?

Yes, a detailed review report is provided.


Ø          How many authors or contributors are accepted max.?

Maximum 5 authors are accepted.


Ø          Where can I find Instructions for manuscript preparation guideline?

The Manuscript Preparation Guideline can be found at:


Ø          Where can I find Instructions for reviewers?

The Instructions for Authors can be found at:


Ø          Can I change/edit the co-author details on my paper?

Yes, until it gets published.


Ø          Whom do I contact if I have questions about the status of my manuscript?

One can contact at –


Ø          What type of file format do you accept?

EJAHSS accepts MS Word formats.


Ø          How many pages is allowed in any submitted paper?

The main body of the manuscript can be of 15 pages (max.)


Ø          How much is the Submission fee?

There is no Submission fee.


Ø          How much is the online publication charge?

The online publication fee is USD 200.


Ø          How can I buy a single article online?

Yes, it will cost USD 50.


Ø          Is the publication fee negotiable??

No, the fee is not negotiable.


Ø          Do you issue the official acceptance letter??

Yes, we do.


Ø          Will you send the PDF copy of the reviewed manuscript before the final publication??



Ø          What are the Payment procedures?

The payment can be done through Credit/ Debit Card or Money Transfer Services.


Ø          Do you provide any certificate?

Yes, we provide successful publication certificate.


Ø          Can I make any correction in my paper after the publication??

Yes, based on conditions.


Ø          Is the publication fee refundable?

No, it’s not refundable.