International Journal of Arts, Humanities &Social Sciences

ISSN 2994-6417 (Print) , ISSN 2994-6425 (Online)
Structural Equation Modeling of a Water Management in the Covid-19 Era


The governance of water sustainability supposes an instance of local development in which political and social, public and private actors establish co-responsibility agreements around a natural resource considered as a common good. In this sense, water resources and public services have been assumed as a public good, generating a latent and manifest conflict around its quality and payment, promoting an evident citizen environmental awareness on the eve of local elections that the This study aimed to explore cross-sectionally in a sample of 322 students from a public university in central Mexico. From a structural model after establishing the reliability and validity of the instrument, the theoretical relationships between the factors were adjusted to the data obtained, but it is discussed whether the type of study, sample selection and analysis limit the results to the context, as well as the possibility of including other variables in the contrast of the proposed model.