Review Process

EON is dedicated to publish high quality works with noteworthy potentials and research. Decision about each manuscript is taken following a rigorous process:



A designated member of the editorial board will make an initial assessment about the quality and suitability of a submission in terms of scope, originality and contribution to existing body of knowledge. Moreover, papers written within the guidelines regarding the structure of the paper is also given consideration in initial assessment.




Once the designated internal editorial board member is satisfied about the suitability of a submission, it is sent to two anonymous peer reviewers for their comment.   




The reviewer will assign marks and make comment about following six categories:


*    Originality of the paper


*    The value of the research question and research gap.


*    The soundness of the conceptual and technical or methodological framework.


*    Insightful discussion in result and discussion section


*    The contribution of the paper


*    Academic writing quality.





Once the final comment of the reviewers is received, a decision is made about a submission within 1 or 2 weeks of submission.